15th April - 13kg BBQ gas News Update - **please read before placing your order!**

We are pleased to have 13kg BBQ gas back online .  We WILL be introducing a "last order date" for May Bank Holiday soon so please keep an eye on the news updates.

 If you have an empty 5kg Calor green you can swap for the 13kg patio without paying a deposit. 

But there are some points you need to be aware of: Please read before placing your order. 

Orders placed from  (9/4/2020) will not be processed through to Calor until w/c 14th April.  Depending on the amount of orders received these may take several days to get into the system.  Orders will be processed through in strict order of receipt for fairness to everyone.  Orders received from 14th April onwards will be placed during the week on a rolling cycle. 

14 working days are being given as the lead time to allow this process to work. It may be less but this is our timetable presently.   I hope we will not have to extend further but the system relies on enough vehicles and drivers to be available and this  can change. In the situation that lead times have to be extended further we would ask for your understanding. 

if you are self isolating please tell us in order notes box so we can pass that information to drivers.  All drivers are working within social distancing protocols  

Once your order is placed, I would ask customers to please refrain from enquiring on delivery dates.  These simply will not be possible to give until the routing of vehicles takes place.  Calor are doing their best to deliver, again, this is dependant on the number of vehicles and drivers available at any time.

The product isn't in short supply, it is simply the logistical operation in getting this delivered that is slowing the process.  

If you order with a CRA (Cylinder Refill Agreement), and decide to cancel your order, you MUST tell us within 24hrs otherwise the CRA element cannot be refunded.

These are very challenging times, you patience is appreciated.

 There have been a few occasions, over recent days, where my team have suffered verbal abuse because they cannot immediately answer a delivery enquiry . We appreciate that these are frustrating, yet, unprecedented, times. However, I would remind everyone that this is not acceptable and my team have been instructed to refer all such incidents to myself. If you wish to contact me directly you can do so: h.claridge@woldlink.co.uk  

On behalf of my Team and myself, we thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards

Heather Claridge - Managing Director.


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