Important News - Calor Supply Disruption Nationally -

Calor have informed their customers, such as us, of some very important news regarding the supply of cylinders for, what is described as an "undetermined" amount of time.  They will be making an announcement on their own site shortly. We anticipate Calor will also implement a price rise for some cylinders but this has not happened yet. 

The following are the important points you need to know:

1. There will be NO "first time" cylinders available except for 5kg patio/6kg butane.

2. All exchanges must be one for one.  They must be: same size, brand only.  Aborted deliveries due to a customer not having a correct exchange will become chargeable and this is now part of our Update Terms & Conditions.

We believe that other national gas suppliers are in no better position right now.  

Demand for the 5kg patio gas for the first time user is going to be strong, please consider this to avoid disappointment.   6kg butane, for those with a suitable regulator will also be there for the first time user.  Please see our article Propane vs Butane for information on bbq use.

Propane vs Butane - for use with your BBQ – Gottle Gas

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