Our thoughts on Patio Gas for 2021

Our attention is turning to the supply of BBQ Patio Gas for 2021 and it's fair to say we are anticipating a degree of availability issues with 13kg particularly for those looking for their first cylinder.  When lockdown hit in late March 2020 the demand for patio gas went through the roof resulting in months when 13kg patio cylinders became unavailable even for those who had one to exchange.   

Patio gas, in a normal year sells out if the weather is good.  Now, we can't predict the weather but we can predict demand for patio gas if it's lovely.  

For BBQ's with 3 burners or less you might wish to consider using the 5kg patio.

Although patio gas is a "non essential" item, once demand for gas for heating slows down this should allow vehicles the capacity to start delivering patio gas.

We have the facility on our website for you to receive an email for when any product is back in stock and we encourage you to take advantage of that where possible. 

Right now, we'd suggest you start thinking about your possible requirements. The moment we can turn the products on we will!


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