Recycle ANY SIZE Calor Cylinder - Don't take them to the Scrappie!

Often we get asked what people should do with a scrappy old Calor cylinder they've inherited.  Let's face it, they're not the prettiest of things at their best!

Shortly, we will be adding a form onto our website for you to tell us about any unwanted cylinders (of the size indicated above) that you want removed.  There's no refund or compensation available, but it is an environmentally friendly recyclable option.

Don't confuse this with an exchange, it's not.  This is for those cylinders you were going to dump. These cylinders are still the legal property of Calor, if you dispose of them you may be liable for the full cost of the replacement cylinder (and that's a lot more than the gas you pay for).

Calor will collect when there are sufficient in a postcode area.  They need to be in one piece though!

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